vendredi 29 août 2008

My little Pride and Joy.

mardi 26 août 2008

lundi 25 août 2008

samedi 23 août 2008

The 1st new car I bought.

lundi 18 août 2008

I saw 2 movies last weekend.

Friday night, I watched "Next" starring Nic Cage on TV.

Nic Cage wasn't as bad as I expected him to be.
(Last of his movies I saw was "Ghost Rider" and he was like a "Zoolander" on a motorcycle, i.e. he was awful.)
I thought the movie was pretty good until the end and then it totally caught me by surprised and it pissed me off that I did not see it coming and it made the flick better.
As a bonus, the very pretty Jessica Biel is in it.

Saturday, Melinda and I went to theater and saw "Tropic Thunder", starring a lot of people.
Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Robert Downey JR and a lot more.
If you are easily offended, stay home.
They joke and make fun of EVERYBODY.
In a way, it's an old school film like Mel Brooks used to make.
They do not care who they offend.
Of course 99% of the jokes are stupid.
But once in a while, it is good to stop being so serious and sensitive and fun to laugh at fart or fat jokes.
Bonus, worth watching if only for Les Grossman.

Mixed feelings week-end

This past weekend, Eva-Mae went camping with her babysitter.
She left Thursday afternoon and came back on Sunday after lunch.
My wife was off all weekend long.
And I got home Friday morning and left Sunday before lunch.

Obviously, I did not see my little girl this weekend.
But that is not really unusual as I have been gone 2-3 weeks at a time before.
This time, she's the one that was gone.
Just Melinda and me in the house felt strange and somewhat lonely.
We were not able to sleep in on Saturday or Sunday. We still woke up when Eva-Mae usually wakes up.
I even almost panicked when I walked into her room on Saturday morning and saw that she wasn't there.
I had to think about it and remembered she was camping and not kidnapped.

Melinda and I were able to spend some quality time (wink-wink) together.
Saturday, for the 1st time since I don't know when, we went for dinner, movie and, well, you know.

I had a good weekend as a husband but a not so good as a Dad. I missed my girl but enjoyed seeing my wife again, not my wife and my girl's mother.

To be honest, it has been over 3 years now since I saw Melinda only as my wife.

jeudi 14 août 2008

dimanche 10 août 2008

Merci P'pa pour la table et le coffre a Eva-Mae.
Eva-Mae sur son tri-cycle.

samedi 9 août 2008

Started Sunday 6PM, pick up loaded trailer in Ingersoll, ON.
Deliver Monday in Fort Wayne, IN.
Reload in Fort Wayne on Monday.
Sleep in my bed at home on Monday nite.
Deliver in Toronto, ON Tuesday AM.
Reload in Ingersoll.
Deliver in Fort Wayne on Wednesday AM.
Reload in Upper Sandusky, OH on Wednesday PM.
Drop trailer in Ingersoll Wednesday nite and sleep at home.
Thursday early AM, pick up empty trailer in Ingersoll and do 3 pick-ups in Wheatley, Leamington and Kingsville, ON.
Deliver in Algoma, WI on Friday morning (receiver washes out trailer).
Reload is in Greenbay, WI.
Trailer is refused and I go to wash out the trailer. Again.
Go back to shipper.
Trailer is refused again.
New pick up is in Little Chute, WI.
Drop loaded trailer in yard in Ingersoll, Saturday 2PM.

7 days, 3009 miles.

I could have been home last nite, but overall, not bad.

jeudi 7 août 2008

I was done doing my pick-up and got out of the shipping docks and saw this rat in the front parking lot.
I had to go take a look.