dimanche 19 juillet 2009

dimanche 12 juillet 2009

Why is the West coast so damn far?

6219 kilometers, 3855 miles behind me on this trip.
2799 kilometers, 1735 miles before getting home.

petite pause dans l'Utah / small break in Utah

lundi 6 juillet 2009

I love this color

I think it would look good on the Sportster.

For Melinda and her love of spiders.

WTF happened?

So, I'm driving along when all my idiot lights came on at once.
A few seconds later, they're off again and all my gauges are normal except the information center:

Then a few seconds after taking that picture, without shutting the truck off or touching anything, back to normal:

dimanche 5 juillet 2009

Last week. / La semaine passée .

I saw some mean clouds over Cleveland.
J'ai vu des méchants nuages a Cleveland.

A car floating away.
Une voiture a la dérive.

A car burning to the ground.
Une autre voiture en feu.

And get extinguished.
Et se faire éteindre.

One morning could barely see the road.
Un matin un brin brumeux.

Was warned about rattle snakes in New York.
Un petit avertissement dans l'État de New York.

And delivered a big box.
Et j'ai livré une grosse boite.