lundi 18 janvier 2010

My long week.


Started the week last week on Monday at home in Ingersoll.
Went to Toronto to pick up an empty trailer.
Then pick-up a load in Strathroy, ON and delivered in Wixom, MI on Tuesday morning.
Went back to Strathroy, empty, and picked up another load and delivered that on Wednesday in Front Royal, VA.
Drove down a few miles to New Market, VA and loaded up some freshly chopped chicken.
Delivered in Brampton, ON on Thursday. Met the city driver there and switched trailers.
Grabbed that loaded trailer and hauled it to here, Calgary, AB.
Dropped the trailer at the client on Sunday, at 1130PM.
That's a 7 days week () and 5977 kilometers, 3705 miles.
An average of 529.4 miles per day.
Now, I ain't moving till tomorrow noon when I go pick up my trailer.

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