samedi 26 septembre 2009

i never, never have Mondays like that.

Most people hate Mondays, me it's Fridays because sh!t never happens when I start the week, always when I'm trying to get home, usually on Friday.

My day yesterday:
get up at 5AM.
find out the air ride on my trailer is down.
lose 2 hours to get it fixed.
arrive at Border in Lewiston, NY/Queenston, ON.
2 miles back-up.
lose an hour crossing Border.
arrive at my delivery at 12:30Pm instead of the planned 9AM.
i have to pick-up a load before taking it home.
it's only 8 kilometers away but doesn't pick-up until midnight.
i get lucky, they load me at 11:30PM.
before leaving, i do a quick circle check.
i have an almost flat tire on the trailer, 40psi instead of the 105 it should be.
load is only 9000lbs so i say FK it!
i get back on the road and on the 401 in Toronto, the busiest highway in the biggest city in Canada.
the express lanes(4 of them) are closed and now the collectors have the volume of 8 lanes of traffic into 4.
then reduced to only 1 lane.
talk about traffic jam. at midnight.
2 more construction zones later and i get at the company yard at 2:15AM.
i drove the final 145 kilometers in 2 hours and 30 minutes.
get home and got to bed around 3:30AM.

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