mardi 10 février 2009

It would have been a shame to throw it all out.

I delivered a load of frozen bread to a grocery wholesaler in Westfeild, Mass last night.
They rejected one skid of product because they didn't like the "best before" date on it. It was 1 month short of what they wanted.

The seller didn't want to get the bread back.

Canada Customs probably would not have like me to get it back across the border without additional paperwork.

My boss didn't want me to haul it back and told me to get rid of it.

I thought it would be a shame to throw it all in a dumpster.

When I got at the pick-up for my back-haul, I told the owner of the company about my little problem and he agreed with me and called the local soup kitchen.

They got here in no time to pick up 600lbs of free whole grain bread.

I feel better now knowing it's not wasted and it's gonna help some people.

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ManonL a dit...

Félicitation grand frère, je suis fière de toi.